From front-loader work to mowing and a whole lot more, Kubota’s M5660SUH 2WD utility tractor will take your work to new heights.

Front Loader

Additional Attachments:

The M6060 & M7060 were designed and built with both you and the environment in mind.

M6060 – 63.5 HP with Lift Capacity at 3307 lbs.
M7060 – 71 HP with Lift Capacity at 3307 lbs.

A choice of two transmissions gives you the performance you need. Choose from F8/R8 transmission or F12/R12 transmission

The innovative and stylish design of the new M6060/M7060 Cab gives the operator a more comfortable and spacious environment year-round.

Additional Attachments:
Bale Spear (single spear)
Hay Grapple with Bucket
Pallet Forks
Rear Mount Snowblower
Backhoe – Digging Depth 11′. The M8560 and M9960 provide powerful yet clean and economic performance, along with a more ergonomically designed cab for easier operation. Work hard while being gentle on the environment.

M8560 has 85.5 HP
M9960 has 100 HP

The V3800 Engine compiles with Tier 4 Interim Emissions

Additional Loader Attachments and Implements:
Bale Spear
Pallet Forks – 42″ or 48″
Bucket Width – 72″,84″ or 90″

Front Loader Specifications:
Lift Height – 145.7″
Lift Capacity – 2977 lbs
Bucket Width – 72″ or 84″

MX4800 – 49.3 HP.


MX5200 – 54.7 HP


MX5800 – 61.4 HP


The new bold design of the Kubota MX Series wit HST models combines greater power and strength with cleaner, fuel-efficient engine performance.

Available in either 2WD or 4WD models in addition to HST transmission variations. It also features several upgrades, including environmental-friendly performance with Tier 4 Final emissions increased engine power, greater seat comfort, and more ergonomic factors, including electric over hydraulic PTO engagement.

LA1065 Front Loader Specifications:
Maximum Lift Height – 111.2 in.
Digging Depth – 8.4 in.
Lift Capacity – 2275 lbs.
Breakout Force – 3012 lbs.

BH92 Backhoe Specifications:
Digging Depth – 109.8 in.
Loading Height – 84.3 in.

With increased horsepower, enhanced management control, and amazing versatility, the new M100X/M110X/M126X/M135X deluxe mid-size tractors help you take on nearly any tough job.

M100X – 97.7 HP
M110X – 107.5 HP
Height – 145.7 in
Digging Depth – 2.4 in
Lift Capacity – 4178 lbs

M126X – 125.0 HP
M135X – 135.0 HP
Height – 161.4 in
Digging Depth – 5.2 in
Lift Capacity – 4711 lbs.

Ideal for hay and cattle operations, this mid-size tractor boasts powerful PTOs and increased loader capacity for even greater productivity, plus a cleaner running engine. Available in either cab or canopy.

Powered by Kubota 4-cylinder turbocharged, liquid-cooled, Center-Direct Injection diesel engines with 96 PTO horsepower.

Optional Loader Attachments:
Bale Spear (single spear)
Pallet Forks – 42″ or 48″
Hay Grapple Bucket – 72″, 84″ or 90″

Front Loader Specifications:
Lift Height – 145.7″
Lift Capacity – 4299 lbs.
Bucket Width – 72″, 84″ or 90″